Working for Vassma

Vassma company is a powerful player on Ukrainian agricultural market with a central office in Kyiv and production sites in Kyiv and Rivne. The company has a representative office in Shanghai (China) as well as regional offices in almost all regions of Ukraine.

Currently Vassma employs more than 400 staff members which is a key success factor due to the experience and professionalism of the team. This is not just a group of professionals but a team of friends and confederates that are united by common goal and mission.

We all are guided by corporate spirit with a main idea of everyone realizing personal responsibility and individual contribution as necessity for the whole company to be successful.
This year Trade House Vassma celebrates its 5th anniversary. One of our major achievements is a fact that 80% of our personnel remain a driving force for the company since the moment of creation of the Trade House. At the same time we are happy to welcome new professionals that rapidly become a part of our family due to friendly atmosphere and various corporate events.

For us it is important that every person would feel comfortable at work because we know that it is most important factor for his/ her future professional results. If you share our values and you want to join our company, you can find a full list of vacancies in Current Vacancies page of our website.    
With a help of specially designed online form, you can also send your personal data to our head office or provide your resume. We carefully review all information from potential candidates and correlate it with requirements of our current vacancies. If you possess necessary skills and qualifications we will surely invite you for the interview.
Making a decision to work for Vassma, you receive an opportunity to work in unique and dynamic company where you will have a chance to broaden you knowledge and skills and to acquire additional experience receiving a worthy compensation at the same time.

Welcome to Vassma